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Although many people will use the terms interchangeably, there is a difference between a cooktop and a stove. When the word stove is used, it is generally referring to the cooktop portion of the unit; however it is actually really the combination of a cooktop and a bake oven. When dealing with cooktop repair in Brooklyn it is important to know this difference, as troubleshooting problems may call upon these differences. If the cooktop needs repair work done to it, there is no sense in trying to repair the oven or units that do not actually need the work. To begin understanding cooktop repair, it is best to understand how a cooktop actually works.

How Does a Cooktop Work?

Most cooktops operate at 220 volts, so if you are doing repair work ensure that the unit is disconnected from its electrical source as this voltage is enough to kill a human. There are a few different types of cooktops, but the majority will operate either through a gas flame or from electrical heating. The basics of the unit involve a large heating area, usually in the form of resistor wires that is inside insulation. These wires run into the burner that is mounted on the surface of the cooktop. Although there are other types, this is the most common. When it comes to cooktop repair, it allows for ease of access for cleaning, however it does also lessen the tolerance of burned connections. Dials will be installed on the cooktop which control the amount of heat that is to be applied. In an electrical cooktop, the different setting with create different levels of resistance in the wires, producing more heat.

In a gas cooktop, the levels will allow for more gas to let into the flame, creating a bigger and hotter burn. Before attempting to fix any problem on the cooktop, always make sure that you have taken the appropriate safety precautions and are familiar with at least basic electrical knowledge. If in doubt, always contact a professional in the area of cooktop repair for further assistance. If you comfortable working on the cooktop, then proceed with caution.

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